Work & Art

Single Channel Video, HD Video, 62min. 43sec, 2015

Network Performance Recording Video

Producer/ Author/Scenario/ Director: Park Kyong Ju

Cast : Park Kyong Ju, Sungsuk Suk, Sarangerel Suhbaatar, Anima Singh, Wolfgang in der Wiesche, Jeon Jayan

Duration: 137min.

Material: HDV

Production Year: 2015


Works participating in the Tenef online festival, 2015

What is artists’ labor? If someone asks artists to work for an hour to be paid hourly, what kinds of works that the artists do? Can they create a work within the time? What does labor mean to artists? What is labor? Labor (Arbeit in German) or working means human resources input to earn money through business activities and human beings’ such activities. Kyonh-ju Park will pay KRW 30,000 to networking performers for their work per hour. The participating artists should do works that they think appropriate for KRW 30,000. After the works are done, they should say “I love artistic labor” and submit their results of working.

About Network Performance

The Network Performance Series is the series of joint performances created by five artists living in Germany, Mongolia, and Korea, Wolfgang in der Wiesche, Sarangerel Suhbaatar, Anima Singh, Park Kyong Ju, and Sungsuk Suk through an online network. Park Kyong Ju, a planner of the series, suggested a theme, “new networking among artists on the web”, to the artists and Wolfgang in der Wiesche, Sungsuk Suk, and Alice Park created a concept of performances. The major concept was that each artist proposed a keyword and every artist communicated with each other and did improvised performance real time on the web. At the same time, the video was edited real time and aired on to be shown to the audience. They jointly worked together through diverse kinds of media such as drawing, improvised dances and motions, happenings, performances, noise sound, etc. Joint online performance had been carried out five times for total about 960 minutes for five days under the Network Performance Series and the results were completed as the series of five videos. The artists have plan to consistently create works online in the future and hold a joint media installation exhibition and demonstrate a post drama performance.