Asian Creative Musical Series

Social enterprise salad (Founder & CEO: Park Kyong Ju) has produced one multicultural creative musical series (Concept: Park Kyong Ju) every year that introduces asian culture since 2011 with production support from the Shinhan bank social contribution fund.

The asian cultures introduced through the asian musical series so far are Nepal, China, the Philippines, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, India, and Myanmar. Over the past seven years, these works have visited national and public institutions across the country, met more than 100,000 audiences, and communicated with Korean society to respect each other’s culture and understand differences in a multicultural society in an era of 2 million immigrants.

Salad is made up of various ethnicities and nationalities. For eight years, the playwright Park Kyong Ju and music composer Gil Hizon accepted each other’s roles and personal backgrounds while negotiating and collaborating to perfect salad’s own way of expressing multiculturalism.

performance poster images all photos Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

Performance video (highlight editing) Musical HARONG TUTU by SALAD Theater

The creative musical (Hand in Hand) whose main character is a child of multicultural family speaks of difficulties of multicultural families from a child’s perspective. Even though the musical’s general background is school, the story has music room for extra-curricular activities as its setting.

– Premiere: November 24th, 2018

– Place: Shinhan Art Hall

– Duration: 65 minutes

– Production: SALAD Theater

– Support: Shinhan Bank

– Writer & lyrics: Park Kyong Ju

– Director: Park Kyong Juk

– Music Director & Composer: Hizon Gil

-Assistant Director: Lorna De Mateo

-Actors and Actresses: Urna U;anchimeg, Yongju Ha, Steban Park, Seha Kim, Jihye Shin, Dika Andrea, Phan Thi Kwin, Wadi Septem Maung