2015 Ara and Jimin _ Vietnam


social enterprise salad (founder & ceo: park kyong ju) has produced one multicultural creative musical series (concept: park kyong ju) every year that introduces asian culture since 2011 with production support from the shinhan bank social contribution fund. the asian cultures introduced through the asian musical series so far are nepal, china, the philippines, mongolia, vietnam, and indonesia, india, and myanmar. over the past seven years, these works have visited national and public institutions across the country, met more than 100,000 audiences, and communicated with korean society to respect each other’s culture and understand differences in a multicultural society in an era of 2 million immigrants. salad is made up of various ethnicities and nationalities. for eight years, the playwright park kyong ju and music composer gil hizon accepted each other’s roles and personal backgrounds while negotiating and collaborating to perfect salad’s own way of expressing multiculturalism.

Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

– Production: Salad

– Production Support : Shinhan Bank

– Support- Yeongdeungpo District Office

– Production year: 2015

– Date: September 24, 2015 (Thu) 14:00 / September 25 (Fri) 11:00

– Venue: Yeongdeungpo Art Hall

– Duration: 55 minutes

– Director: Park Kyong Ju

– Scripwrigt/Lyricist: Park Kyong Ju

– Composer: Gil Hizon

– Music Director: Gil Hizon

– Coordinator: Nuyen Hwang Dong

– Assistant Director: Yoo Ji-hye

– Choreography: Orona Ulancimek, Animashing, Guidesh

– Lighting Director / Stage Design: Lee Jae-seong

– Sound: Kim Bon-yi

– Illustration/Design: Puchong Kawasuwan

– Administration: Jeongyoon Choi

– Starring: Orona Ulanchimek, Annie Sh, Namgung-in, Anima Singh, Lorna De Matteo, Kelp Prop Yu Ji-hye, Gil Hijon, Choi Bo-hee, Shin Ji-hye

The creative musical tells the story of conflict and harmony experienced by Ara, a second-generation Mongolian multicultural family, Chimin, an immigrant child from Vietnam, teacher Karajan, who only insists on classical music, and Youngsuk, an honor student who knows nothing but competition, while preparing for the National Music Competition together. deal with Through the work, the civic consciousness and attitude that should be possessed in a multicultural society are naturally educated through performances.

In the music room, which became the main stage of the work, actors actually played instruments from various countries, and the process of creating a piece was naturally included in the performance. The theme song, the Vietnamese folk song ‘Beo dat may troi’ and traditional Vietnamese dance stimulate the sensibility of the audience.

Yeongdeungpo-gu is the place where migrants live most densely among the autonomous districts of Seoul. This is why Salad is holding this performance at Yeongdeungpo Art Hall with Yeongdeungpo-gu Office. A musical album ‘Ara and Jimin’ was also issued to coincide with the musical performance.

Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

– 제작: 샐러드

– 제작지원: 신한은행

-후원: 영등포구청

– 제작년도: 2015년

– 일시: 2015년 9월 24일(목) 14시/ 9월 25일(금) 11시

– 장소: 영등포아트홀

– 공연시간: 55분

– 연출: 박경주

– 극본/ 작사: 박경주

– 코디네이터: 누웬 황 동

– 조연출: 유지혜

– 작곡: 힐 히존

– 음악감독: 힐 히존

– 안무: 오로나 울란치메크, 어니마싱, 안내쉬

– 조명감독/ 무대디자인: 이재성

– 음향: 김본이

– 영상감독: 석성석

– 일러스트/디자인: 푸총 카와수완

– 행정: 최정윤

– 출연: 오로나 울란치메크, 안내쉬, 남궁인, 어니마 싱, 로나 드 마테오, 다시마 프롭 유지혜, 힐 히존, 최보희, 신지혜

창작 뮤지컬 <아라와 찌민>은 몽골 다문화가정 2세 아라와 베트남 출신 중도입국 자녀 찌민, 클래식만 고집하는 카라얀 선생님과 경쟁에서 이길 생각 밖에 하지 못하는 우등생 영숙이 전국음악경진대회를 함께 준비하면서 겪는 갈등과 화합의 이야기를 통해 다문화 사회에서 갖춰야 할 시민의식과 태도를 공연을 통해 자연스럽게 교육한다.

작품의 주 무대가 된 음악실에서 배우들이 실재로 다양한 나라의 악기로 함께 연주하게 되며, 연주곡을 만들어 가는 과정을 자연스럽게 공연에 담았다. 주제곡인 베트남 민요 ‘배오 잣 머이 쪼이’와 베트남 전통 춤은 관객들의 감수성을 자극한다. 

2015년 현재 한국에 거주하는 이주민의 수는 170만을 훌쩍 넘었다. 영등포구는 서울시 자치구 중 이주민이 가장 많이 밀집하여 거주하고 있는 공간. 샐러드가 영등포구청과 함께 영등포아트홀에서 이번 공연을 실시하는 이유다. 한편 본 공연에 맞춰 뮤지컬 앨범 ‘ 아라와 찌민’도 발매됐다.