2013 Hairpin _ Suklay


social enterprise salad (founder & ceo: park kyong ju) has produced one multicultural creative musical series (concept: park kyong ju) every year that introduces asian culture since 2011 with production support from the shinhan bank social contribution fund. the asian cultures introduced through the asian musical series so far are nepal, china, the philippines, mongolia, vietnam, and indonesia, india, and myanmar. over the past seven years, these works have visited national and public institutions across the country, met more than 100,000 audiences, and communicated with korean society to respect each other’s culture and understand differences in a multicultural society in an era of 2 million immigrants. salad is made up of various ethnicities and nationalities. for eight years, the playwright park kyong ju and music composer gil hizon accepted each other’s roles and personal backgrounds while negotiating and collaborating to perfect salad’s own way of expressing multiculturalism.

Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

Production: Salad

Production Sponsor: Shinhan Bank

Length: 50 minutes

Premiere: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 4pm

Press Call: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 7:30pm

Venue: Auditorium of Seoul Munrae Youth Training Center

Artistic Director/Playwright/Lyricist: Park Kyong Ju

Music Director/Composer: Gil Hizon

Directed by: Lorna De Matteo

Co-Director: Nash Ang

Assistant Director: Orona, Cherong Natmit

Choreography: Guidesh, Lorna De Matteo

Song Guidance: Shim Soo-young

Smoke Map: Kelp Prup

costume: roger

Stage/Props: Daisuke Kono

Starring: Orona, Cherong Natmit, Luan Jianhua, Valdez Ma Glaza, Kono Daisuke, Nashuan, etc.

It is special in meaning that it is the first performance work made by migrants themselves in collaboration with each other, as the migrant members of Salad directly direct and staff.

Kyunghee, a child of an international marriage from the Philippines, is habitually bullied at school by Jinju, an honor student at school. One day, she goes to school with a hairpin she got from her grandfather in the Philippines, but it is taken away by Jinju, and Kyunghee’s mother visits Jinju’s house… A happy ending story in which Kyung-hee and the Jinju family are harmonized through peaceful and enjoyable Philippine culture.

Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

제작: 샐러드

제작후원: 신한은행

길이: 50분

초연일시: 2013년 11월 14일 목요일 오후 4시

프레스콜: 2013년 11월 13일 수요일 오후 7시30분

장소: 서울시립문래청소년수련관 대강당

예술감독/극작/작사: 박경주

음악감독/작곡: 힐 히존

연출: 로나 드 마테오

협력연출: 안내쉬

조연출: 오로나, 체롱 나뜨미뜨

안무: 안내쉬, 로나 드 마테오

노래지도: 심수영

연기지도: 다시마 프릅

의상: 로저

무대/소품: 고노 다이스케

출연: 오로나, 체롱나뜨미뜨, 롼찌엔화, 발데즈 마 글레이자, 고노 다이스케, 내쉬안 외

샐러드 소속 이주민 단원들이 직접 연출과 스태프를 맡아 국내 최초 다문화 극단으로서 이주민 스스로 협업하여 만드는 첫 공연작품.

필리핀 국제결혼 가정 2세 경희는 학교 우등생 진주에게 상습적인 학교폭력을 당한다. 어느 날 필리핀에 있는 할아버지에게서 받은 머리핀을 꽂고 학교에 갔다가 진주에게 빼앗기게 되고 경희의 엄마는 진주의 집에 찾아가는데… 평화롭고 즐거운 필리핀 문화를 통해 경희와 진주 가정이 화합하게 되는 해피앤딩 스토리.