26 Day Archeology

16 channel video, HDV, 3 minutes each, 48 minutes total, 2019

Title: 26 Day Archeology

Genre: 16 channel video installation

Material: 16 monitors, 16 Speakers, super 8mm film & HD video

Year of Production: 2019

Length: Each clip is 3 minutes long. A total of 48 minutes.

Author & Director: Park Kyong Ju

Screenplay & Photograpy: Park Kyong Ju

Editor: Park Kyong Ju

Cast: Lorna de Mateo, Urna Uranchimeg, Anima Singh, Long Min

Context: The work shows important scenes of the migrant woman’s diary(16 page).


Park Kyong Ju Solo Exhibition ’26 Day Archeology’ @Seoul Museum of Art Storage, 2019

Still Images from Video, Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

Exhibition view