Do you remember me?


Invitation performance of the exhibition ‘German Arirang 45 Years’

Production: Salad Theater (
Concept & Playwriting & Director: Park Kyong Ju (
Date: 29th Jan. 2010
Place: Goethe Institut Seoul Korea
Duration: 20min.
Cast: Jingui Hua, Purev Dashmaa

This performance is for the comrades who died thousands of meters underground in a foreign land where the language, food, and culture were unfamiliar. It is the responsibility of the living to honor the wishes of the dead and ensure that their short lives as migrant workers are not in vain. Only when the living fulfill their responsibility responsibly, history will beautifully record all the miners and migrant workers sent to Germany. This performance is a memorial performance to honor the dead.

The Series of Unrespected Death’ (plan/writing/directing: Park Kyong Ju)’ refocusing on migration and death has dealt with stories of Korean miners dispatched to Germany, foreign migrant workers in the Yeosu Detention Center, one migrant woman who died after international marriage like human trafficking, and ‘refugees’ and ‘people on the margins’. The series that migrant people themselves, not professional actors, have told their stories on the stage will close its theatrical experiment with refocusing on the issue of multiculturalism.

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