Marina and Vijay

Creative Musical, 60 minutes, 2011


Social Enterprise Salad (Founder & CEO: Park Kyong Ju) has produced one multicultural creative musical series (Concept: Park Kyong Ju) every year that introduces Asian culture since 2011 with production support from the Shinhan Bank Social Contribution Fund. The Asian cultures introduced through the Asian musical series so far are Nepal, China, the Philippines, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, India, and Myanmar. Over the past seven years, these works have visited national and public institutions across the country, met more than 100,000 audiences, and communicated with Korean society to respect each other’s culture and understand differences in a multicultural society in an era of 2 million immigrants. Salad is made up of various ethnicities and nationalities. For eight years, the playwright Park Kyong Ju and music composer Gil Hizon accepted each other’s roles and personal backgrounds while negotiating and collaborating to perfect Salad’s own way of expressing multiculturalism.

Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

Planning/Production: Salad

Production sponsorship: Shinhan Bank

Production year: 2011

Premiere: November 9, 2011 at Dongsung Theater in Daehangno

Duration: 50 minutes

Characters: Marina, Bizet, Youngsook, Teacher, Friend 1, 2, 3

Playwright/Director: Park Kyong Ju

Assistant Director: Dashima Prop

Music Director: Yukie Sato

Lyricist: Park Kyong Ju

Composer: Gil Hizon

Choreography: Vimala Schrester, Lorna De Matteo

Lighting Director: Lee Jae-seong

Costume maker: Vimala Schrester

Makeup: Terra Hoyu

Stage and props: Park Kyong Ju

Starring: Ronald Matteo, Bizet Gureung, Sato Yukie, Sanjo, Sarangerel, Arina,

The ‘Falrangrang’ team in the music class at Sunshine Elementary School prepares for a national competition, but the date for the competition is approaching and practice is not going well. One day, Vijay, a child from a Nepalese family, enters school and appears in her music class with a Nepali instrument. Marina, a child from a multicultural Filipino family, falls in love with her Vijay when he sees her playing skills. Meanwhile, she is friends with Marina and Young-sook, an honor student at school, disapproves of her Vijay and tries to get her Vijay out of her performance team… . Students from ordinary families and international marriage families overcome trivial conflicts and cooperate toward the common goal of winning a music concert competition. Through performances, children are taught the civic consciousness and attitudes they need to have in a multicultural society.

In the music room, which became the main stage of the work, actors actually played instruments from various countries, and the process of creating a piece was naturally included in the performance. The theme song, Nepalese folk song ‘Letsam Piriri’ and Nepalese traditional dance stimulate the sensitivity of the children’s audience. In addition, there are surprise events for the children’s audience, which arouses interest. Watching performances can blow away the stress of our children.

Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

– 기획/제작: 샐러드

– 제작후원: 신한은행

– 제작년도: 2011년

– 초연: 2011년 11월 9일 대학로 동숭무대 소극장

– 공연시간: 50분

– 등장인물: 마리나, 비제, 영숙, 선생님, 친구 1, 2, 3

– 극작/연출: 박경주

– 조연출: 다시마 프롭

– 음악감독: 사토 유끼에

– 작사: 박경주

– 노래작곡: 길 하이존

– 안무: 비말라 슈레스터, 로나 드 마테오

– 조명감독: 이재성

– 의상제작: 비말라 슈레스터

– 분장: 테라 호유

– 무대 및 소품: 박경주

– 출연: 로나드마테오, 비제 구릉, 사토 유끼에, 스앤죠, 사랑게렐, 아리나, 카렌, 글레이저

햇빛초등학교 음악반 ‘팔랑랑’팀이 전국 대회를 준비하는데 대회 날짜는 가까워지고 연습은 잘 되지 않는다. 어느 날 네팔가정 중도입국자녀 비제이가 학교에 입학, 음악반에 네팔 악기를 들고 나타난다. 필리핀 다문화 가정 아동 마리나는 비제이의 연주실력을 보고는 그만 반하게 된다. 한편 마리나와 친구이고 학교 우등생인 영숙은 비제이를 못마땅하게 여기고 비제이를 공연팀에서 빼내려고 하는데… . 음악연주 대회 우승이라는 공동의 목표를 향해 일반 가정과 국제결혼 가정 학생들이 사소한 갈등을 극복하고 협동하는 모습을 통해 다문화 사회에서 갖춰야 할 시민의식과 태도를 어린이들에게 공연을 통해 교육한다.

작품의 주 무대가 된 음악실에서 배우들이 실재로 다양한 나라의 악기로 함께 연주하게 되며, 연주곡을 만들어 가는 과정을 자연스럽게 공연에 담았다. 주제곡인 네팔 민요 ‘렛삼 삐리리’와 네팔 전통 춤은 어린이 관객들의 감수성을 자극한다. 또한 어린이 관객들을 위한 깜짝 이벤트도 준비돼 있어 흥미를 유발한다. 공연관람을 통해 우리 아이들의 스트레스를 멀리 날려 보낼 수 있다.