Lan’s Diary Revised Edition Version 2.0

Experimental Media performance, 2013

Partial Performance of ‘Theater without Actor'(Director: Park Kyong Ju, Selected Work of the 2013 New Concept Performance Art Series Of Korea Performing Arts Center)

From left to right in the top row of the picture

1~ 10. Lan’s Diary Revised Edition Version 2.0, Photo by Documentary Photography Team (Suk Sung Suk, Kim Seul-gi, Park Dong-myeong)

Copyright of all images Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

Title: Lan’s Diary Revised Edition Version 2.0

Genre: Experimental Media performance

Year of Production: 2013

Performance Length: 40min.

Director : Park Kyong Ju

Playwright: Park Kyong Ju

Choreography:Yuko Kaseki

Performer: Yu Byong Sun, Son In Yong, Kim In Chul

Place: Ustream live performance & Small hall in Arko Arts Theater, Hanguk Performing Arts Center

Context: An additional creative performance of Lan’s Diary, created based on the story of Tran Thanh Lan’s death reported by Park Gyeong-ju and the real story of a Korean male victim of an international marriage. The writer created a new script for the performance of Ran’s Diary, which was composed entirely of male actors, and put it on stage. Three male actors play 18 male and female roles as an ensemble. This work was performed as part of an omnibus play ‘Theater without actor’ performed at the same time and place.

제목: 란의 일기 개정판 2.0

분야: 실험적 미디어 공연

제작년도: 2013

공연 길이: 40분

연출 & 극작: 박경주

안무: 유코 카세키

배우: 유병선, 손인용, 김인철

장소: 유스트림 라이브 스트리밍 & 한국공연예술센터 아르코 예술극장 소극장

작품 내용: 박경주가 보도했던 쩐탄란 사망사건 기사와 한국인 남성 국제결혼 피해자의 실제 이야기를 바탕으로 창작한 란의 일기 추가 창작공연. 작가는 남자배우로만 구성된 란의 일기 공연을 위해 새로운 대본을 창작해 무대에 올렸다. 세명의 남성 배우가 18개의 남녀 역할을 앙상블로 연기한다. 본 작품은 동일 시간과 장소에서 공연된 옴니버스 공연 ‘배우 없는 연극’의 부분으로 공연되었다.