Beautiful Fruit

Experimental Film, Single Channel, 38min. 1998

Artist Renoir Auguste called his nude models beautiful fruits.

The film, Beautiful fruit, is an experimental documentary film by a woman artist on her trip to Seoul, Paris and Berlin in search for portraits of young female artists.

The film director tries to approach personal lives of the female artists by properly arranging theree different films of Super8, 16mm color and 16mm black/white.

The camera records in an essay style tone their first meetings, pictures of the artists making their works, their exhibitions and finally their trip to the grave of Vincent van Gogh on the out skirt of Paris.

Production Year: 1998

Director & Producer & Camera: Park Kyong Ju

Music Composer: Wolfgang in der Wiesche

Cast: Sunha Kim, Jeongim Song, Yunkyong So, Seukmi No, Youngsuk Jeong

Editor: Park Kyong Ju

Sound: Park Kyong Ju

Lighting & Photography: Suk Sung Suk

Super8 : Park Kyong Ju

Support: Aktions Galerie Berlin, Central Kino Berlin


Seoul International Alternative Film Arts Festival @Seoul, 2012

Exhibition ‘2004  Atelier Report’@ Savina Museum, Seoul, 2004

Exhibition ‘Young Grope 2000 –  Facing the new millennium’ @ National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Gwacheon

Youth Experimental Art Festival @  Postfuhramt Oranienburgerstrasse, Berlin, 1998