Park Kyong Ju – Interdisciplinary Artist 

“I believed that artist must stay on borderlines and must attempt to demolish them. I wished my works to be a tool for such purpose.”- Artist’s Note 2005.

Park Kyong-Ju (born in 1968, in Seoul) worked as a visual artist, filmmaker, playwright, performing arts director, journalist, and social innovator. Currently, she is actively engaged in creative activities as the founder and representative of the creative group Salad, which was established in 2009.

From 1999, when she was studying in Germany, to the present, she has continued creative activities focusing on the artistic statements of immigrants as a social minority based on her overall understanding of art, film, photography, performing arts, and multimedia fields. She has explored and actively embraced new media as well as art in various fields, and collaborated with social minorities. She is interested in creating a cultural and artistic environment where she can have a sense of the themes and boundaries of various fields.

Her major works include ‘Migrant Workers in Berlin’ (Photography, 1999), ‘Nurses Dispatched to Germany’ (Photography, 2000), ‘Memory in Germany – Miners Dispatched to Germany’ (Video installation, 2000) ‘Migrant Workers in Seoul’ (Photography, 2001), ‘What is Life? – Migrant Workers’ Music Project'(Project music album, 2002), ‘In a Dream Country – Migrant Women’s Lives’ (Photography Art book published by Women Migrants Human Rights Center, 2004), ‘Migrant Workers’ Performance for Election Campaign’ (Performance, 2004), ‘Do You Remember Me?’ (Lecture performance, 2010), ‘Yeosu, beginning, Middle, and the End ’ (Media experimental play, 2010), Lan’s Diary (Experimental media play, 2011), Future Story (Experimental Media play, 2012), Theater without Actor (Media experimental play, 2013), Migrant worker’s broadcast( Alternative Internet media, 2005~2009), multilingual broadcast SALAD TV( Alternative Internet media, 2009~2012), Social Theatre SALAD(Multi-cultural performing arts group, 2009~ present), 26 Day Archeology (16-channel video, 2019), Unfortunately only Korean nationals (Social Performance Project, 2020-2022), etc.

Her major awards include the Internet Media Award <Special Award> (2007), Female Artist of the Year Award <Culture and Arts Special Award> (2009), Blind Daughter Award <Multi-cultural Guide Grand Prize> (2011), Dong-A Multi-cultural Award <Multi-cultural Organization Award> (2017), etc.

Description of the image ; Study of Lan’s diary . Artist Park Kyong-Ju tried to find the truth of the mysterious death of a Vietnamese migrant woman Tran Thanh Lan by drawing scenes from the diary with hundreds of storyboards. Researcher & Author: Park Kyong Ju. Illustrator: Park Sung-bum ⒸPark Kyong Ju 2016


박경주(1968년 서울생)는 시각예술가, 영화감독, 극작가, 공연예술 연출가, 언론인, 사회혁신가로 활동해왔다. 현재 2009년 설립한 창작집단 샐러드의 설립자이자 대표로서 활발한 창작활동을 펼치고 있다.

독일 유학시절인 1999년부터 현재까지 예술, 영화, 사진, 공연예술, 멀티미디어 분야에 대한 전반적인 이해를 바탕으로 사회적 소수자로서 이민자들의 예술적 진술에 초점을 둔 창작 활동을 이어오고 있다. 다양한 분야에서 미술뿐만 아니라 뉴미디어를 탐구하고 적극적으로 수용하며 사회적 소수자들과 협업해왔다. 다양한 분야의 주제와 경계를 느낄 수 있는 문화예술적 환경을 조성하는 데 관심이 있다.

주요 작품으로는 ‘이주노동자 베를린'(사진, 1999), ‘파독간호사'(사진, 2000), ‘독일의 기억-파독광부'(영상설치, 2000) ‘이주노동자 서울’ 등이 있다. (사진, 2001), ‘인생이란? – 이주노동자의 음악 프로젝트'(프로젝트 음악앨범, 2002), ‘꿈의 나라에서-이주여성의 삶'(이주여성인권센터 사진집, 2004), ‘이주노동자의 선거유세 퍼포먼스'( 공연, 2004), ‘당신은 나를 기억하십니까?'(렉처퍼포먼스, 2010), ‘여수, 처음, 중간, 끝'(미디어 실험극, 2010), 란의 일기(미디어 실험극, 2011), ‘미래이야기’ (미디어 실험극, 2012), ‘배우 없는 연극'(미디어 실험극, 2013), ‘이주노동자방송국'(인터넷 대안미디어, 2005~2009), ‘다국어방송 SALAD TV'(인터넷 대안미디어, 2009~2012), ‘소셜 시어터 SALAD'( 다문화 극단, 2009~ 현재), ’26일의 고고학'(16채널 영상설치, 2019), ‘아쉽게도 한국 국적자만’ (Social Performance Project, 2020-2022) 등이 있다.

주요 수상내역으로는 한국인터넷기자협회 인터넷언론상 <특별상>(2007), 여성신문사 올해의 여성문화인상 <문화예술특별상 을주상>(2009), 가천문화재단 심청효행대상 <다문화도우미상>(2011), LG와 함께하는 동아다문화상 < 다문화 사회공헌 단체상>(2017) 등이 있다.