Lan’s Diary Project 2008~present


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Feb 6, 2008 9:35am

2008년 2월 6일 오전 9시 35분

Tran Thanh Lan, a Vietnamese migrant woman, died after falling from her newlyweds’ house. Diary found next to her body. In a small notebook of 8 pages – 16 pages, the deceased wrote in detail what he had experienced.

베트남 이주여성 쩐탄란이 신혼집에서 추락하여 사망. 주검 옆에서 일기가 발견됨. 총 8장- 16페이지의 작은 공책에 고인은 자신이 겪었던 일을 상세하게 적었다.

Tran Thanh Lan’s Diary Page 2 ⒸHuynh Kim Anh

March 13, 2008 afternoon

2008년 3월 13일 오후

Tran Thanh Lan’s mother, Huan Kim An, received the diary when she visited the police station in Korea. On the same day, the diary was sent by fax to Park Kyong Ju. At the time, Salad TV (former Migrant Workers Broadcasting Station), an Internet media company operated by Park Kyong Ju, Vietnamese editor Bhu Thi Tuan completed the preliminary translation. The diary written in handwriting was difficult to translate due to some typos. Park Kyong Ju wrote and reported a special article about this death and diary.

쩐탄란의 모친 후안 김 안이 한국을 방문하여 시민단체와 함께 경찰서를 방문했을 때 유품으로 일기를 전달받음. 당일 쩐탄란 사망사건 진상규명대책위의 의뢰로 박경주가 팩스로 일기를 수신함. 당시 박경주가 운영했던 인터넷언론사 샐러드TV(구 이주노동자방송국) 베트남어 편집인 부티투안이 초벌 번역을 완료함. 손글씨로 적은 일기는 일부 오타로 인해 번역이 어려웠다. 박경주는 이 사망사건과 일기에 관한 기획 기사를 작성하여 보도했다.

From left to right in the top row of the picture

1. An article about the deceased’s mother’s visit to Korea, reported in the Ho Chi Minh Women’s Newspaper in Vietnam Ⓒ the Ho Chi Minh Women’s Newspaper

2. Park Kyong Ju wrote and reported a special article about this death and diary.This image is a data stored in the investigation data at the police station in charge of the investigation of the death case at the time. The ID that wrote the article, Maebama, is the pen name of Park Kyong ju when she was a reporter.

2011 ~ 2019

Park Kyong Ju continued to study the diary, and in the process, she presented works based on the deceased’s diary in numerous performances and exhibitions. A poetic documentary film about this process is in the works.

박경주는 일기를 계속해서 연구했으며, 그 과정에서 다수의 공연과 전시회, 출판물에 고인의 일기를 소재로 한 작품들을 선보였다. 현재 작가는 이 과정을 담은 시적 다큐멘터리 영화의 후반 작업을 진행 중이다.

From left to right in the top row of the picture

1. If the diary is a human being 2019, Photo by Suk Sung Suk

2. Wooden Monument Road 2019,Photo by Park Kyong Ju

3. Theater without actor 2013,Photo by Kim Seul Gi

4. Lan’s diary 2011, Photo by Kim Seul Gi

5. My half-crazed intermarriage 2011, Photo by The 13th Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival

6.26 day archeology 2019, Photo by Park Kyong Ju

7. Looking for Lan’ 2023, still image from film

8. Ran’s Diary Revised Edition Version 2.0 2013,

Copyright of all images except image 5Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju

Project chronology

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The details of Tran Thanh Lan’s Diary project, which was conducted by Park Kyong Ju from 2008 to 2019.

박경주 작가가 2008년부터 2019년까지 진행한 란의 일기 프로젝트 상세내용

Project chronology Image Ⓒ Park Kyong Ju 2019